Tropical Greetings


For those of you that have followed my blog from the very beginning, you know how much I adore pretty paper. My little dream, born nearly five years ago was to open up a curated paper boutique (filled with a few other fun goodies like fresh florals and pretty home decor), brick and mortar style—and that dream inspired Yours Truly. But after a 14 week business planning course and the realization that if I didn’t have a decent amount of moolah to invest in myself, why should I expect anyone else to invest in me?

Long story short, I worked at a cute little oyster bar for a few years and then landed my dream job, all while growing Yours Truly in my spare time to the darling place it’s at now. Needless to say, I’m thankful for the journey of a tiny dream leading to a career I love. 


That said, today’s post is a little ode to the roots of Yours Truly. And as to the tropical vibes that are happening (I know, I know, it’s fall) I blame my recent stationery purchases on our honeymoon planning. But aren’t they sooo pretty? I picked up the adorable Aloha card at Antiquaria, and I couldn’t resist these Pina Colada cards either. They just have the cutest designs lately. And the Relax and Pink HBD cards are from Rifle. Paper perfection I tell you. Do you all still send out hand written notes to friends and family? I think it’s such a sweet surprise and a thoughtful way to remind someone you’re thinking of them and just how much you love them. 

Find a few more of my faves below!


*Photography owned by Yours Truly

Happy Tulips


There’s nothing like starting the week off with a fresh bunch of blooms, don’t you think? These pretties were from last week when I shot this, but I couldn’t resist sharing their hot pink/reddish loveliness today. It’s just the kickstart to get this week going and is sort of getting me excited for the reds and greens of Christmastime. If you’re off today for the holiday, I hope you have a wonderful day planned—happy Monday!


M’s Weekly Love List


This week has zoomed right by and I’m kind of freaking out that we’re already a third of the way through October. In all honesty, I feel as if I’ve put my personal to-do list on hold this week and dove deep into the work to-do list, and now I’m wishing I had balanced things out a bit more. But I’m hoping a relaxing weekend at home will do the trick. Shawn is leaving on Sunday for South Carolina to visit family and for his annual hunting trip. As much as I’ll miss him tinkering around the house for a few days, I have to admit, it’s much easier to get things done around the house (read: crazy cleaning lady here, I vacuum around him) when it’s man-free. Right? Regardless, I will miss that funny, distracting, handsome and laugh-inducing fiancé of mine. Happy weekending everyone!


I stumbled across the Artful Desperado’s gorgeous recipes this week for the first time. How have I not been here before? Food heaven!

Beyond Work/Life Balance: Living the Life You Want

(I owe credit to Shawn for finding this link) We just bought a Go Pro last week, but before we did, we came across this beautiful and awe-inspiring video in our research. 

The game-changer shampoo & conditioner I’m loving.

Loving this idea for our wedding cake, simple and sweet.

Drooling over these salted caramel apple muffins. Maybe Saturday morning breakfast?

*Photography: Stoffer Photography | Found on: The Everygirl

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