Are you all ready for a new year? I’m so looking forward to 2016 and the amazing opportunities it will bring. At the end of each week, I usually clean off my digital desktop to prep for the week ahead. This week (being the last week of the year!), I decided to create a new desktop design to inspire a fresh start. I’d love to make this into a print, how fun would that be for a hostess gift or an office addition?! Is that something you all would love? For now, you can get the FREE download below to pretty up your desktop or mobile.



Kate Worum for designlovefest

I’m on my computer ALOT. Maybe too much (my hubs would agree). Between my full-time job as an editor at Style Me Pretty and recently spicing up Bisou Style during the evenings, my eyeballs tend to be glued to the ol’ MacBook on a pretty regular basis. So I like to pretty it up a bit every couple of months with a fresh backdrop. designlovefest kills it with their ‘Dress Your Tech‘ downloads. Here are a few of my recent favorites!


Kelli Murray for designlovefest


Silke Bonde for designlovefest


Adriana Gallo for designlovefest


Shalyn Nelson for designlovefest


Babeth Lafon for designlovefest


Kelli Murray for designlovefest


Happy Friday guys! So, I didn’t intend to do a Down to Biz post on a Friday—no one wants to get down to business right before the weekend starts—but this one is fun, I promise. It’s a calligraphy class taught by the lovely Molly Jacques (who I actually wrote my very first feature about on SMP!). She’s such a darling person and she’s got the prettiest lettering around. Last month, she announced that she was offering an online class on Skillshare, The Art of Modern Calligraphy. It’s a crash course in modern calligraphy covering the basic tools and knowledge of modern, pointed pen calligraphy and you’ll learn how to create a unique alphabet of your own. 

Having taken a couple of calligraphy classes before, I’m so excited for a little refresher and can’t wait to start the course. If you’re interested, use this link, you’ll receive $10 OFF and in turn, I’ll get credit for another course. It’s a win-win! Have a beautiful weekend everyone! xo

Blogettes, you’re going to love this new series, Down to Biz! It was inspired by this Pinterest board, where I keep handy biz and blogging tips. I’m going to explore some of the resources, tips and tricks that have helped me along the way, starting today with The B Bar. You’re going to want to belly up to this bar for at least a night or two, the hangover will be so worth it! All kidding aside, this is SUCH a great resource for bloggers and biz owners and no wonder, it was co-founded by two very talented blogettes and successful business women that I adore, Meg Biram and Victoria McGinley. Take a peek at some of my favorite ‘cocktails’ below (they’re clickable!). Wishing you all a productive hump day! xo

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