Valentine’s Day Love Notes


Have you guys picked up your love notes for Valentine’s Day yet? I know, I Know, it’s five weeks away. There’s just something so exciting about tucking a sweet greeting away for your love to find, or sending your best girls something sparkly, don’t you think? And if you’re stationery-obsessed like me, it’s the perfect excuse to load up on pretty paper. Here are a few gems I’m loving this year!

Corina Nika : 12:33 January 14, 2014 Reply
Wow you definitely found the best of the best!
Jennifer Liu : 19:00 January 14, 2014 Reply
These are such lovely picks! Thank you for sharing such pretty paper! xo
Christie : 13:18 January 15, 2014 Reply
did you really find the lobster card? i went to sugar paper to get it this year, and i can't find it! that's my favorite!
Melissa | Yours Truly : 13:44 January 15, 2014 Reply
Hey Christie! I love that one too! :) You can get the over at BHLDN right here >>
Maru : 11:26 January 16, 2014 Reply
Perfect pics!
Bethany : 23:26 January 17, 2014 Reply
I love these! Especially the "It was always you" card. Honestly, I haven't even thought about Valentine's Day yet...