Spooky Wine Tasting



A couple of weeks ago, I was stocking up on vino for the holiday season—this time of year, I’m all about the rich, yummy reds. I came across a handful of particularly ‘spooky’ wine labels and in the spirit of a ‘grown-up’ Halloween party (candy for the kids, wine for the adults?) thought this would make for a fabulously frightful party idea. Best part? It’s a super easy, last minute party idea that will satisfy any wine lover! Personally, I’ll be staying in tonight watching scary movies with a big glass of spooky red—Happy Halloween!spooky_winetasting

19 Crimes | The Velvet Devil Merlot | Bogle Phantom | Vampire Pinot Grigio | Ghostly White Chardonnay | Killibinbin Shiraz | Spellbound Petite Syrah | Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

*Photo by Yours Truly


Gina Baran : 10:45 October 31, 2013 Reply
Ooh, I could go for a glass of that Vampire Pinot Grigio right now! I love the packaging labels on all of them. I bet they all pair well with chocolate too ;)
Juni : 14:01 October 31, 2013 Reply
beautiful wine labels!