Bloom Bar: Coral Charm & Heather Bouquet



We recently featured a gooorgeous ‘foraged’ floral arrangement from Amy Osaba over on SMP Living that I was drooling over for days. In my opinion, any bloom that the AO team touch turns to instant pretty. So I got up the courage to email Amy about my new Bloom Bar series. After all, I’ve been dying to know the recipe for the lovely pictured above that I recently spotted on photographer Jemma Keech‘s blog. Stunning, isn’t it? It’s made up of a handful of beautiful blooms that Amy was kind enough to break down for us…


Coral Charm Peony
Patience David Austin Rose
Purple Heather
Raspberries on the branch
Dusty Miller

“The most obvious show stopper is the Coral Charm Peony with its vibrant yet delicate petals that consumes a good portion of the bouquet. Other rich colors such as the purple Heather and the pink Godetia compliment the Coral Charm. Softer tones are brought in through the use of creamy Lisianthus and Dusty Miller. The success of a bouquet also relies on the use of various textures. The incorporation of Raspberries on the branch balances out the delicate nature of the other flowers used.”

Thanks to Amy Osaba and team!!! See more pretty details from Jemma Keech right here. Have a beautiful day everyone!

*Floral Design by Amy Osaba | Photography by Jemma Keech | Styling by Joy Thigpen

Victoria | Oh So Pretty : 16:32 October 17, 2013 Reply
Oh my goodness, super gorgeous! Thank you, Melissa for contacting Amy and breaking down this beauty for us! Yes, that Coral Charm Peony does it, hands out - absolutely gorgeous. I've actually never seen peonies that color before! All the other floral brings everything together. I love it!
    Melissa | Yours Truly : 16:41 October 17, 2013 Reply
    It's a total dream bouquet, isn't it? I'm in love!
Jessica (Coco/Mingo) : 18:54 October 17, 2013 Reply
So gorgeous! I love peonies, and what is that dusty mint leaf on the right side? I see it often and am so in love with it, so perfect for a winter bouquet!!
    Melissa | Yours Truly : 08:54 October 18, 2013 Reply
    That one is dusty miller! I love how soft and subtle it looks—you're so right, it's a perfect fall/winter bouquet without sacrificing color!
Becka : 20:07 October 17, 2013 Reply
What a dreamy arrangement. Thanks for getting the list of "ingredients." Of course I adore the peony, but those raspberries on the branch are lovely too!
    Melissa | Yours Truly : 08:55 October 18, 2013 Reply
    I love the raspberries on a branch, something I would have never thought to do!
Sarah Von : 18:56 October 18, 2013 Reply
Love this! So sweet and organic looking!