Today my dears, I’m letting you all in on some of my favorite ‘girly’ fonts. I absolutely love calligraphy and pretty typography, just take a look at my lovely logo by the darling Jenna Hein of Love, Jenna. And although I do a bit calligraphy myself, I still like having an arsenal of pretty fonts to pick from. I’ve used some of these on invitation designs, menus, business cards and even my address stamps. They’re perfect for weddings and stylish soirees, from the invitations to the place cards. And bonus? More than half of them are free! Which ones do you love the most?


Kailey | Parisienne | Bombshell | Burgues Script | Learning Curve | Miss | Nelly Script | Carolyna | Lobster Two | Little Days | Champagne | Adios | Castro Script | Sail

See more on MyFonts!

7 Comments on My Favorite Girly Fonts

  1. aaaand I just downloaded every single one.

  2. Monique says:

    How can you download these?

  3. Ani Corpuz says:

    do you have a site where I can try these fonts? I’m plannng to get a tatt and these fonts look awesome!

  4. ivana says:

    Hi i tried downloading the fonts to my mac but after it installed the fonts couldn’t be located?

  5. Hi Ivana,

    The fonts can’t be downloaded directly from my site, but you can find them at the links I included in the post! If you’re having trouble downloading from those sites, you will need to contact the company directly. Hope this helps!

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